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Elf Power to Release “Sunlight on the Moon” October 1

Elf Power

It’s hard to believe that Elf Power is almost 20 years old band. The group formed in 1994 as part of the famed Elephant 6 collective, and on October 1 will release their thirteenth proper LP. The new album is called Sunlight on the Moon and will be released October 1 via Darla and Orange Twin.

Like other seasoned bands (think The Bats, who released a new record in 2013 and have topped the 30-year mark as a band), Elf Power has some quite notable releases under their belt. Among favorites are Back To The Web (2006) and Elf Power (2010).

On Elf Power there were plenty. With Back to the Web in particular, nearly every track has an upbeat wow-factor to it. Those albums were more indie-pop than Elf Power’s signature psychedelic folk-pop.

With Sunlight on the Moon, it’s tough to pinpoint the standout tracks, and that’s because there is greater emphasis on the folk than the pop. Still, notables exist: “A Grey Cloth Covering My Face”, the title track, “Total Annihilation” and “Chromosome Blues” initially come to mind. These tracks have more notable hooks and stronger, more original accompanying instrumentation.

Sunlight on The Moon may never reach the greatness behind Back to the Web. That’s yet to be determined; as I listen to the album a second and third time, it’s growing on me. Songs like “Darkest Wave” and “Transparent Lines” begin to stand out. One or two more listens, and I may just declare this Elf Power’s greatest work yet.

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