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German Error Message: There’s A Place (FensePost Premiere)

German Error Message

German Error Message returns with their first newly recorded material since a May 2011 single called In Comforting. The album, The Lifting, features seven new tracks and is available as a limited (to 25, so hurry!) cassette from Tent Revivalist Records and digitally from the same German Error Message bandcamp page. FensePost is excited to premiere “There’s a Place” off the new album.

It’s hard to believe that my introduction to German Error Message came two years ago. On April 25, 2011, I wrote about the band and its After the Warmth LP:

Oddly enough, the band has garnered comparison to local haunts like The Microphones. This is only partly true, as that band’s repertoire features both soft songs and loud ones. German Error Message is soft all around, but there are definite similarities in the two bands’ vocal styling.

Listening to “There’s a Place”, you hear the Microphones/Mount Eerie reference. It’s the lo-fi nature of German Error Message’s music and the soft-spoken vocals of Paul Kintzing. In fact, this album has many audible parallels to an album like Mount Eerie’s Lost Wisdom. It’s stripped down, often split between fully acoustic and a light hint of electric guitars, fairly minimal with songs and lyrics centered around stories.

The two have similar lyrical pairings, though German Error Message is very much its own. “There’s a Place” is a prime example; from the song’s humble acoustic beginnings, it grows with fuzzy-ish percussion that was recorded a bit hot (classic lo-fi) and light forays into bedroom-folk experimentation.

In particular, this song may have been the inspiration behind the cover art:

I like the look of the dark from afar /
Over my shoulders, standing in the back yard /
Nothing there anymore…

To quote German Error Message’s bio, the band “creates songs that exist in a realm of feeling that is all their own.” Such a true statement made all the truer on “There’s a Place”. Check out the song below and grab The Lifting on cassette before its gone (and digitally from bandcamp when it is).

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