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Yesper: Cannibal King (MP3 & Video)

Yesper (band)

Yesper (band)

Yesper‘s heartfelt folk melodies and luscious finger-plucked guitar will strike a chord with fans of Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver and Sam Beam’s Iron & Wine. With vocals containing a soft playfulness that border on dreamy, Yesper adds in occasional plush with harmonies that complement the accompanying instrumentation.

Cannibal King is the new EP by Yesper and it has a wonderful reverberating, chamber-like sound that cuts through silence. And there’s good reason for this. According to Yesper, Cannibal King was “recorded with a single mic in a huge empty storefront in downtown Seattle that I snuck into late nights over the summer.”

This shyness is conveyed further through Yesper’s bandcamp description: “I make records by myself because I’m afraid of commitment. I make records in secret so that they’ll sound mysterious. I make records.”

It’s almost shocking; you don’t get a sense of danger, of sneakiness, or even of loneliness in anything you’ll hear by Yesper. Nor is it dark, as you’d image the recording stage would be, or stripped-down and minimalistic given Yesper’s self-description.

Instead the sound is simple but full; alas, Yesper has crafted something magical, filled with light percussion, his lead vocals overlapping with his backup for palatial harmonies, smoothly delicate guitar.

Cannibal King is a mighty feat for one afraid of commitment; this is an EP well-thought out and pieced together. It comes across as quiet but confident, bold even.

Watch Yesper’s video for “Cannibal King” below and listen to all five songs on bandcamp.

Download: “Cannibal King” by Yesper
[audio:130315-yesper-cannibal-king.mp3|titles=Cannibal King|artists=Yesper]

yesper – cannibal king from yesper on Vimeo.

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