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Week of Wonders: Feature Band

Week Of Wonders

Week Of Wonders

I really dug Restraint, released last year by Orca Team. Unfortunately, as things go, Orca Team took a hiatus not long after the album was released. Now front-man Leif Anders (who has also joined The Intelligence) is back with a new project, a somewhat Seattle underground power group featuring members of Orca Team, The Intelligence, The Torn ACLs and Health Problems. That band is called Week of Wonders.

The newly formed band has been busy. Already, they’ve posted a five-song EP on bandcamp called Failures, and it follows a similar pseudo-lo-fi-surf-pop those familiar with Leif’s previous band will appreciate. They’re calling it tropical pop punk, and the description fits.

It’s odd; I immediately noticed Anders name missing from the credits (something that Toby from Finest Kiss latched onto right away as well). Instead, you’ll find Tim McClanahan (The Torn ACLs) on bass with Aubrey Mangrum (Health Problems) on drums and Harold Withers on guitar and vocals.

Withers, we presume, is actually Anders.

At this time, Week of Wonders has several Seattle shows on the docket. Locals/visitors can catch them here:

Feb 22: The Comet Tavern
Mar 5: The Vera Project
Mar 7: The Dream Team House
Mar 28: The Black Lodge
Apr 5: Bob Costello
Apr 25: Columbia City Theatre

From there, the band hits the road on a mini West Coast tour:

May 3: The Horned Hand in Bend, OR
May 8: Back to the Grind in Riverside, CA
May 9: The District Tavern in Tucson, AZ
May 10: Long Wong’s in Tempe, AZ
May 13: Burger Records in Fullerton, CA
May 18: The Placebo in Arcata, CA
May 19: Wandering Goat in Eugene, OR

Sounds like more dates are to be added in the near future, so visit their bandcamp page regularly for updates.

Week of Wonders has no plans to take a breath. 2013 promises many more shows, a pair (or more) of 7-inch singles and likely a bit more. Check out “Wishes”, the opening track off Failures EP below and, once again, do grab the full EP from bandcamp.

Above photo by Monica Martinez.

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