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The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye (Stream)

The Knife

Everybody is freaking out about The Knife‘s forthcoming LP, Shaking The Habitual and it all makes perfect sense. Silent Shout, their most recent LP, not only wooed countless people to the band, it topped many year-end lists. That was back in 2006, seven years ago. In fact, it was seven years and two days ago that Pitchfork gave that record a whopping 8.6.

So it makes sense that they snuck a new track out yesterday, and one called “A Tooth For An Eye” nonetheless. At a hair over six minutes, the listener gets a heavy dose of steel drum – not entirely something you’d expect from a band whose music can be described as “terrifying.”

The steel drum is an instrument known for joyous tropical sounds. The Knife is known for being anything but joyful and Sweden is nowhere near tropic. What Knife has accomplished here, then, is perhaps the most unique use of the instrument to date. “A Tooth For An Eye” is a mixture of interesting things: a blend of haunting tropical sounds, The Knife’s signature strange dance-pop, and a sneaking sensation that all our minds will be further blown upon the full release of Shaking The Habitual.

Are you excited? If not, you haven’t heard the track below. Nor have you seen their Not Safe For Work video for Full of Fire. About the video, Stereogum writes:

…it’s “A Film By Marit Östberg,” the Stockholm/Berlin-based artist who, according to the Knife, focuses “on images of queer bodies and sexualities” and “sees her work in a wider context of feminist fights and histories.”

If you are excited, you’ve joined the ranks of anyone and everyone who has ever listened to The Knife.

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