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Wilsen: Anahita (Studio Diary Video)

Wilsen (Band)

Throughout “Anahita”, I kept expecting a monstrous climax — a growing, building, explosion that would refuse to subside. But Wilsen refrained, for the most part. A partial climax occurs around minute four, but after subsiding a minute later the band continues on for another two. It is not overwhelming, nor does it provide resolution.

This is not a problem; “Anahita” is a truly beautiful, haunting piece of music. The song begins softly with a quiet guitar riff that reverberates across vacant space, front-woman Tamsin’s vocals soft and mystical. It maintains this quietude for just over three minutes before the guitar changes pace and the volume begins to build. And that four-minute mark — percussion finally becomes a focal point with a consistent roll on the snare and a ride on a cymbal.

Wilsen’s video for “Anahita” is more a video diary than a standard music video, featuring an array of footage captured during their recent stint in the studio. But the way it’s crafted; it follows the tenor of the song. Slow and relaxed at first, then picking up speed, then that joyous midpoint.

While the band is based in NYC, front-woman Tamsin hails from the UK. Though “Anahita” was originally released on Wilsen’s debut 2012 mini-LP, Sirens, it is out February 18 as a feature single with B-side “Lady Jane”. Listen and watch below…

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