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Sin Fang: Look At The Light (Video)

Sin Fang - Iceland Band

Iceland has long produced artists with a unique take on the world, and one of my favorites is Sindri Már Sigfússon. He goes by the moniker Sin Fang when not fronting the Icelandic collective Seabear. Sigfússon has returned with Sin Fang’s third LP, Flowers, which is set for a mid-February release on Morr Music.

There are a few reasons I consider Sigfússon one of the more cutting-edge musicians around. For one, he produces highly creative songs that make up very well-rounded albums. Clangour, his debut (released under the name Sin Fang Bous) from 2009, was an honestly astounding mix of electro-pop, dream-pop and experimental pop.

His follow up, 2011’s Summer Echoes, advanced that sound while maintaining the core elements — Sigfússon’s ability to craft a unique song grounded in this world but hinting of a clever alternate reality just around the bend.

Sin Fang Flowers Album Cover

Another reason is that Sigfússon is a true artist. The videos he creates, the covers that grace his albums, the photographs of him provided to press; they are all highly creative. For the Flowers cover art, Sigfússon dons a beard of flowers. And so he does for his press image as well.

“Look At The Light”, the third track off Flowers, is the first given video treatment and it continues the Sin Fang tradition of being highly creative and other-worldly. While prior videos have featured multiple mediums, this one instead alters reality through video manipulations like enhanced colors, overlays, altering exposures and glowing eyes.

“Look At The Light” is also a departure from the somewhat heavier pop of Clangour and Summer Echoes. Instead Sin Fang directs his signature sound in a slightly new direction: it is dreamier, more laid back, and not quite as edgy.

First single “Young Boys”, however, progresses that earlier sound, weaving in melodic back-up vocals and elements of chanting and lyrical repetition. In “Young Boys” for example, the lyrics center around We were young boys, Smoking in the woods, I showed you how, I showed you how.

Thematically, Sigfússon notes his third album, Flowers has one:

“I was thinking a lot about pre-teenage and teenage feelings,” he explains. “The exaggerated feelings and dramatic thoughts that most teenagers go through: Love and rejection, the constant ups and downs… I thought Flowers was a good name for that theme as they are used both for sad and happy occasions.”

Check out “Look At The Light” below, let me know your thoughts, and look for Flowers to be released via Morr Music on February 19.

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