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Gathered Ghosts Return with LP “Decoration Haze”

Gathered Ghosts

I recall my final months at KZUU, way back in mid-2006. What time I spent in the old studio allowed me to discover bands that even today remain among my favorites. Leaving was hard, as I felt so connected with the place. Why this reminiscence? Because Gathered Ghosts member Andreanna Wilson will be experiencing the same thing this year. Somewhat funny, then, that the first song I latch onto from their forthcoming LP Decoration Haze is “Stay Where You Are (pt. 2)”.

Pullman, WA band Gathered Ghosts made it all the way to #4 on my Top EPs of 2012 with Fluttering So Sweetly. The EP was adorned with jangly, lo-fi pop that ranged from the soft and dreamy “Went To You” to the playful and bouncy “Two Apples in a Cherry Tree”.

What started as a solo project for Craft Spells guitarist Javier Suarez (also a KZUU alum) has become a full-fledged band featuring the aforementioned long-time girlfriend Andreanna on synths and back-up vocals, a guy named James on percussion and another named Kevin on Bass. Together, Gathered Ghosts have taken the project in a slightly new direction with “Stay Where You Are (pt. 2)” — heightened dreaminess and a bit less jangle.

The percussion still has that echoing presence, much like you’ll find on any Craft Spells recording, but Javier seems to take a more subdued angle with the guitar, allowing other elements to come forward and shine. This is a new side of Gathered Ghosts that I find quite welcome. Even on the more upbeat “Maze” you get a similar impression. Both tracks can be found on Gathered Ghosts forthcoming LP, Decoration Haze, which to my knowledge does not yet have an official release date.

About “Maze”, UK blog Dots & Dashes states

Gathered Ghosts are a ‘dream-jangle’ four-piece dealing in feathery, yet finely nuanced, synth-laced jingle and Maze – their standout thus far – is an intricate mesh of fragile vocals, baggy guitars, and upfront drums.

Listen to and download both “Stay Where You Are (pt. 2)” and “Maze” below, and keep an eye out for Decoration Haze to be released sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

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