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Hey New York: Date Marnie Stern. Seriously.

Marnie Stern

That scene in Hi Fidelity. You know the one — Rob, Dick and Barry are in the club listening to Marie De Salle play that Peter Frampton cover and they talk about dating/living with a musician. Hopeless romantics, the lot of ’em. Well, if you’re a single dude in New York and you can relate to this scene, the opportunity is here.

Marnie Stern, in partnership with her Kill Rock Stars kin, has created her own little indie rock dating show in which one lucky guy will join Stern as her date the night her fourth LP hits the street.

Sounds like someone’s in for a treat!

Then again, we all are, as The Chronicles of Marnia, promises more greatness from one who Spin Magazine called one of the top 100 guitarists of all time (Stern came in at #87). Her occasional ADHD and hyperactive nature are core elements that make her music so amazing, and Chronicles‘ first single, “Year of the Glad” is perhaps her best yet.

It seems prudent to call out the nature of the previous record, as noted here in this snippet from Pitchfork:

Whereas Stern’s self-titled third album cataloged a heartbroken time in her life– an old friend and ex had committed suicide; the last track, “The Things You Notice”, was a love song to a boyfriend who left her just after the album came out– the human relationships featured on Marnia are solid, she says.

You can expect a few differences between the previous and the now. Things are a bit more stable, and now that Zach Hill is off going nuts with Death Grips, Stern brought on Kid Millions (Oneida) to assist on percussion. I think the two work together in a superb fashion — listen to how well Oneida’s signature percussionist melds with Marnie Stern’s signature frantic, finger-tapping guitar style on “Year of the Glad” above.

OK, so if you live in New York City and you feel so compelled to date Marnie Stern on the release date of the new LP, here’s the deets:

Send your application to Make sure to answer all the questions (including a list of any anti-depressants you are currently taking). And note you’ve got some stiff competition.

The Chronicles of Marnia hits the street this March. Pre-order the LP from Kill Rock Stars right here. Above photo credit Gonzo Chicago.

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