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Kinski: Conflict Free Diamonds



I’m a car guy. It’s pretty damn obvious. I gave up my 1974 BMW (sadly) back in December, but that makes my daily driver a jet black (interior and exterior) 1979 El Camino. The thing is beastly, with a 350 four barrel carb and dual exhaust. The torque gives me tingles. Likewise, I get that meaty, pedal-to-the-metal feeling when I listen to “Conflict Free Diamonds”, the latest from Seattle band Kinski.

Kinski hits all the right notes for being muscle car music. The guitar riff is right out front. The vocals add to the head-nod factor. The percussion is spot on and just as ferocious as every other element of the song. This is a song during which to crank the volume up. Way up.

At this point it seems fitting to reference the album art, which features the almost-sunset glare cast on a (possibly) California street. There, about twenty feet off the ground, is a muscle car. The cover art says precisely what I feel about this song.

“Conflict Free Diamonds” is off Kinski’s forthcoming LP, Cosy Moments, out April 2 on Kill Rock Stars. Listen to the song below!

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