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Tullycraft: Lost in Light Rotation



Every Scene Needs A Center, the brilliant LP from 2007, was the last time we heard from Seattle’s Tullycraft. That was six years ago. A few years after Every Scene, the band called it quits, but the hiatus was thankfully short and they’re back! Reformed anew and with some fresh tunes, the band will release Lost in Light Rotation this spring via their long-time US home Magic Marker Records (slated for a UK release on Fortuna Pop).

The new LP was produced mixed by Phil Ek and it follows what we’ve come to expect from Tullycraft over their many years adorning our speakers: raucous, punk-inspired indie pop of course! Despite greater production value than their early years, Tullycraft still has that same DIY feel that so makes up the core of their sound.

I love this from the band’s Soundcloud page for the song:

‘Lost in Light Rotation’ is an all-in-one banner anthem for the heartbroken, the disenfranchised, and the fleeting pop star. The song also makes a not-so-veiled reference to the 1996 single “This is Fake D.I.Y.” by the Scottish indiepop band Bis.

Fortuna Pop will be releasing a single of the title track, which you can check out below. The B-side will be a cover of “Bad Connection” by Yazoo (aka Yaz in the US).

All I have to say is this: It’s barely mid January and we’re already seeing a substantial number of great artists with new releases slated for 2013. You can add Tullycraft to that rapidly growing list!

Update: 1/18/13 @ 2:40pm The guitarist for Tullycraft most graciously pointed out an error in our post. Phil Ek only mixed the song; it was in fact produced by Tullycraft. Per Mr. Hale, “The credits will read; Produced by Tullycraft, mixed by Phil Ek, and engineered by Pete Remine.”

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