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Darlings: Nothing I Don’t Care For


Brooklyn slacker pop outfit Darlings have been a long-time favorite. Darlings from 2009 was a top LP for that year, and their Warma EP follow-up in 2010 followed suit for EPs. Then they went silent for a year or so before giving us a 7″ single with Pet The Ghost in 2012 with the promise of a new LP on the way in 2013. Well the time has come and the new LP, Perfect Trip, is less than one month from its release date.

The opening track, “Nothing I Don’t Care For”, finds the band with a lightly refined sound. Still fully endowed in the slacker pop genre, still adorned in back-yard garage-y attire, the song follows previous works with a laid-back swagger, a catchy carefree rhythm and a nonchalant, matter-of-fact vocal display.

Where it differs is here: production refinement.

It’s better than before (not that it was ever bad, per se): smoother and less gritty, which works surprisingly well for the song given Darlings’ mastery of the oh-so-slightly fuzzy, garage sound. And, like “Pet The Ghost” and its B-side “Shelley” from last year, “Nothing I Don’t Care For” has an added bounce to it that is undeniably catchy.

I can feel it now, that building anticipation you get when one of your favorite bands has a new release just around the corner. Darlings, I can’t wait to hear more!

Check the tune out below and watch for Perfect Trip late this month on Famous Class Records.

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