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Fense’s Radio Show: November 30, 2012

The Gorge

For my first show back from vacation, I decided to lay off the vinyl. After all, I received a few packages of records in the mail and that means another vinyl-only show should be coming up in the near future. The November 30 playlist includes new tracks by The Ocean Floor, Nicholas Jaar / Theatre Roosevelt, Rhye, GLISS and Dangerous Cans, among others.

Here’s the full list!

Radio Playlist

“My Hands And My Feet” by I Love You Avalanche off 4-Track Demos
“TV” by Headlights off Kill Them With Kindness
“Just A Silhouette” by Exlovers off Moth

“Evalyn, Summer Has Arrived” by Kishi Bashi (featuring Kevin Barnes) off Room For Dream
“My Shelf” by The Ocean Floor off Falling Star Castle
“Wildflower” by Roman Ruins off Homebuilding

t”As Bright As Your Night Light” by Nerves Junior off As Bright As Your Night Light
“The Ego” by Nicolas Jaar / Theatre Roosevelt
“Greylands” by Lost Animal off Ex Tropical

“Be Your Man” by Dark Colour off Prisoner
“The Fall” by Rhye
“Weight Of Love” by GLISS off Langsom Dans

“Feel Something” by Dangerous Cans off Feel Something (Digital Single)
“Overboard” by Blackbird Blackbird off Erasers

“Thunder And Lightning” by Brown Bird off Salt For Salt
“The Creature” by Kurt Vile off So Outta Reach
“Gone” by Rory James And The Majestic off The Passage

“Fiction” by I Love You Avalanche off 4-Track Demos
“My Kind Of Battery” by Eureka California off Walking On The Streets

“Little Red Shoes” by Beach Day off Walking On The Streets
“Borrowed Time” by Parquet Courts off Light Up Gold
“The Snow Falls” by Marble Vanity off Marble Vanity

“Another Dream” by Mmoss off i
“Easy Street” by Natural Child off 1971
“Crawl/Collapse” by White Laces off MOVES

“Speak To Me Bones” by Land Of Talk off Applesauce

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