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The Mary Onettes: Love Forever EP

The Mary Onettes

My copy of The Mary Onettes‘ limited (to 1000) pressing of Love Forever arrived today and I’ve been giving it a spin with my vintage mid-century modern record cabinet. Some records just seem to be naturals on a vintage player such as this, and The Mary Onettes is a prime example. Produced by Dan Lissvik, Love Forever boasts a departure from the band’s penchant for the 80s.

OK, so maybe I still hear a bit of 80s reference in there, but whatever. The point is that songs like “Love’s Taking Strange Ways” (stream it below) and “A Breaking Heart is a Brilliant Start” are phenomenal tracks, whatever various genres and sub-genres the band may be referencing within.

The 12″ EP came out way back in February, so hurry up and grab your copy before they’re gone. Pick one up today from Labrador Records.

(Also note the band will be releasing a new single for “Evil Coast” next week. Check out their website for more details.)

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