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This Just In: A Package from Common Wall Media

Bogan Via's TES 7" Single

I cannot stress this enough: I LOVE getting cool vinyl in the mail. The only thing better is when it’s completely unexpected, as took place with a recent package from Common Wall Media. The label just released Bogan Via’s new EP, Wait Up, on October 29. Common Wall also sent along Put Your Sunshine Away, a forthcoming release by Gospel Claws out November 20. These are both on CD, but here’s the bonus: I also received a 7″ single from each band on colored wax!

TES Single by Bogan Via

Bogan Via

Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller are a dreamy indie pop duo whose songs a lot fuller than one might expect, given their promotional photos often features the two with an acoustic guitar and an accordion. This is somewhat deceptive; Bogan Via is not folk, it is pop but not a stripped-down pop sub-genre. These songs pack great beats, deeply ethereal dual vocals, and an array of instrumentation.

The band is poised to release a video for “Afternoon Wonderland”, the fifth track on Wait Up and one off their debut self-titled EP. It’s a bit more haunting a track than some of the others on the EP thanks to the inclusion of strings. We’ve also heard “Kanye” before; the track is another off Bogan Via, and has received a few spins on my KSVR/KSVU radio show.

“TES” is the current album star and was also pressed to a great baby pink wax for the single. It features a remix by Miniature Tigers on the B-side. Check out the track below.

Download: “TES” by Bogan Via

Split Single by Gospel Claws & Roar

Gospel Claws

Gospel Claws has come across my desk before — I received their self-titled LP a while back — but I’m embarrassed to say (you can’t see, but I’m turning a bit red right now) that I never took the time to give it a listen. (It’s easy to let things slip by when blogging isn’t your full-time gig.) Well, the good news is that Gospel Claws has my ears now.

Put Your Sunshine Away is their new release and features nine tracks in all. The first single, “I Want It All”, is highlighted on a recent split 7″ with ROAR on baby blue wax.

Gospel Claws debuted with an EP in 2009 and a full-length in 2010. Unlike Bogan Via, this band has a rock edge with heavier, harder songs. Punchy guitar riffs back washed out vocals that dominate the tracks. In a way, I’m reminded of The Fresh & Onlys’ recent brilliant release Long Slow Dance.

“I Want It All” has a classic sound on par with Nuggets and 60s/early 70s teenage garage rock. This is the sound I love; “Anything I Can Do” and “Teenage Kicks” are also early favorites. Check out the “I Want It All” below:

Download: “I Want It All” by Gospel Claws

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