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Teen Mom: I Wanna Go Out

Teen Mom Mean Tom Clear Vinyl

Tinged with the longing of a hopeless romantic, “I Wanna Go Out” is the first song to debut from Mean Tom, the new six-song EP by DC band Teen Mom.

Teen Mom is Chris Kelly, Tom MacWright and Sean Dalby and they’re based in DC. Mean Tom will be released soon by Analog Edition Records on vinyl as a highly limited pressing of 250 black copies and 50 in “coke bottle clear” — guess which one I just pre-ordered!?

Teen Mom Clear Vinyl

Fuzz Pop Love Ballads

Within, the band has created a hazy, fuzzed-out pop song with incessant percussion, angular guitars and near falsetto vocals.

As the band calls it, they create fuzz-pop love ballads.

And there is no place where this is more apparent than on “I Wanna Go Out”. Rapid percussion meets laid-back, ballad style vocals.

In this song in particular, you can hear elements of modern, post shoegaze bands like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Letting Go Despite Great Faults.

Seven Years Later

It’s now 2019, and I’m combing through my record collection, cataloguing and grading and giving everything a listen.

It’s been seven years since the release of Mean Tom, and I’m enjoying this limited EP just as much as I did back then.

In the time since, the band has given us a handful of releases, but I don’t think any have been as intriguing or as powerful as their debut.

Here’s why. The double-timed percussion to the clear, slightly distorted guitars in “Always Happy” blend an almost jazz-like element with more modern, emotive rock sentiments.

They all contribute to the aforementioned sound–that post shoegaze, or better yet shoegaze revival, of artists like LGDGF and TPOBPAH. But where those artists maintain a certain level of consistency with the original shoegaze and fuzz movements, Teen Mom does something a little different.

That’s what made this record stand out for me back in 2012, and it’s what still draws me back seven years later, in 2019.

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