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Opossom: Fly (Video)


Sam Kristofski works magic on this video for “Fly” by New Zealand psychedelic band Opossom. I’ve been obsessed with Opossom of late, both this video and the band’s LP Electric Hawaii. For “Fly”, the video joins a collective of great ones for the year, including those by Sleep Party People, Mount Eerie, and Pure Bathing Culture.

Here’s the synopsis, courtesy Kody Nielson (Opossom’s front-man):

This clip follows a group of scientists as they attempt to study a mysterious moving pyramid in the country. They move human looking robots around by remote control to get in closer to it. As they investigate they discover a UFO. Sam Kristofski filmed this clip for ‘Fly’ in the South Island of New Zealand. He also made the previous Opossom clip for Blue Meanies.

Electric Hawaii is a collection of ten psychedelic pop songs drenched with reverb, playful bass lines, fuzzy percussion, and echoing vocals. The album is out now on Fire Records. Check out the video for “Fly” and listen to “Blue Meanies” below.

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