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Thunder Power: Spiraling Sky (Video)

Thunder Power

Omaha’s Thunder Power returns soon with a new full-length called Volumes and from it is the song “Spiraling Sky” for which they just released a video. Directed by Lindsay Trapnell, it’s a bit weird with a cartoon monkey from another universe taking a psychedelic journey to earth.

The synopsis goes into full detail:

Toki, a monkey from another universe, embarks on a trip of psychedelic self-discovery and finds that he has more in common with transuniveral beings than he ever imagined possible after he ends up teleporting to a gathering at the home of early 20th century English nobleman Alexander Boardmont, 15th Earl Boardmont. Those in attendance receive an omen of a strange happening about to occur in the form of a cryptic medieval parchment, but do not know what to make of it until Toki bursts into the living room. As you will see, the cast (including two adorable live gibbons AND an animated monkey!) brings the story to life in a compelling mix of live and animated footage with a feel that is equal parts Downton Abbey, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Scooby-Doo.

Listen to the song and watch the video below, then look for “Spiraling Sky” and Volumes soon via Slumber Party Records.

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