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Sambassadeur: Memories

Sambassadeur Memories Single

For me, Sweden has always been a favorite purveyor of great pop music. And there is no better provider of such things than Labrador Records. Their latest is a new double A-side single by orchestral pop outfit Sambassadeur, a lovely little band we’ve been fans of since their self-titled release in 2005.

“Memories” is the lead song and it lives up to the orchestral pop name, though perhaps not in the way you’d expect given the band’s previous work. A crude saxophone adds a bass line throughout much of the song and stands up for a growling solo part way through (with a deep sound but higher-pitched solo, I’m guessing it’s a tenor).

We’ve heard the sax before with Sambassadeur — “Subtle Changes” off 2007’s Migration — but here it has a reinvigorated raw power.

Sambassadeur also has a predilection toward strings, which is also prevalent in “Memories”. Again, the strings here are somewhat different from their singles of past; they have a pointed edge, a punch to them that they haven’t always had. Then there is the percussion and guitars, both of which move away from previous Sambassadeur toward something more along the lines of the brilliant Club 8 album The People’s Record.

“Memories” is highly unique, insanely catchy and an instant favorite. If this is a taste of what to expect in the future from Sambassadeur, prepare to get really excited!

Find the single available now for preorder from Labrador Records as a limited edition 7″ pressing of only 500 copies.

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