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Ending People: Fill Your Lungs (EP Review)

Ending People

Denver dream-pop outfit Ending People has captured my heart of late. Their new EP, Fill Your Lungs finds an interesting balance between airy vocals and a swirling echo of guitars, from thick laid back synth notes to all-encompassing guitars. Taking a peek at the band’s history is one of contrast to the music they are currently producing: Erin Roberts was a touring member of Phosphorescent and Castanets. Drummer Tim Hussman was a member of Crooked Fingers. Not exactly what you’d expect from a band whose music could be classified as atmospheric.

Roberts has a haunting presence on vocals, which you can hear on “Tiny Little Army Below”. It’s the track that first drew me to Ending People, with dark synth lines and a chill beat. Similarly, “Pretender Pt. 1” emphasizes moody, spacious synth with Hussman taking the lead vocals. He’s back on “I’m Not Coming Back” but the guitar dominates.

Fill Your Lungs is a valiant first effort. It has all the elements you could want from a dream pop artist: monumental, atmospheric sounds; pleasant, wispy vocals; and just the right mixture of swirling sounds to keep your head spinning long after the final note of the last song.

Look for the album October 30 via Cash Cow Production.

Download: “Tiny Little Army” by Ending People

Ending People: Fill Your Lungs

Cash Cow Production [EP, 2012]

1. Beat Of My Heart
2. Tiny Little Army
3. I’m Not Coming Back
4. Amazing Grace
5. Mouthful
6. Pretender Pt. 1

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