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The Pharmacy: Feature

The Pharmacy

I remember listening to the first record by The Pharmacy. It’s raw and has the rough edges often familiar to a new band. But it was good. That was years ago, and the band has come a long way since; their new release is called Stoned & Alone and, when compared with that early LP… well, there’s just no comparing them.

On my mind has been the song “Josephine”, which received radio play last week on my KSVR and KSVU show. Gone is the grit, replacing the fuzzy punk-influence with something a bit tamer and more mature. There’s still fuzz to the guitars and vocals. There’s still a punk influence. But it’s not as harsh or as in-your-face as it once was.

There is more space, more instrumentation. The transition succeeds thanks to The Pharmacy’s steadfast ability to produce catchy melodies with punchy guitar riffs. We received a taste of this on their brief EP, Dig Your Grave from last year. The title track also finds its way onto Stoned & Alone

Listen to “Baby Be” off the new album below. Stoned & Alone is out on Old Flame Records come November 20.

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