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Dana Falconberry: Feature

Dana Falconberry

I’ve been listening to Dana Falconberry‘s recent LP, Leelanau, for a month or so, but I haven’t mustered up the courage to write about it. You see, her voice; it makes me a little sad. It is, on occasion, reminiscent of the late Jeff Hanson — a beautiful, somewhat high pitched (well, for Jeff, a male) and soft sound that warms the heart.

“Lake Charlievoix” is off Falconberry’s new LP, Leelanau, has a similar sound. You can hear it too, on “Please Sparrow”. Even the lyrical nuances Falconberry employs have a slight similarity to that of Hanson. Falconberry’s songs, though, are more orchestral and less filled with the pop efficacy found in those Hanson created.

Falconberry has gained quite the following with the release of Leelanau. There’s a definite buzz around her that mustn’t be ignored.

Leelanau is out now on Antenna Farm Records. Stream/download “Crooked River” and watch “Lake Charlevoiux” (directed by Matt Bauer) below.

Lake Charlevoix Video from dana falconberry on Vimeo.

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