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Fantasy Rainbow: Condominium

Fantasy Rainbow

Sometimes it’s hard to look past a catchy riff, a unique vocal pattern or upbeat instrumentation. You get carried away in the music. Add all three, as found in “Condominium”, and it’s even harder to focus on the words. Fantasy Rainbow pairs fuzzy guitars with jangle ones, wildly catchy vocal/guitar patterns, and sloshy drums with highly introspective lyrics.

The upbeat nature of the instrumentation is startling given lyrics like And how quick my nails grew, when I stopped scratching you. And how weak my tongue became, when I stopped talking every day. “Condominium” is an extremely personal song; you can hear the pain when the music dies down and the aforementioned lyrics take center stage.

Ultimately main man Oliver Catt leads the listener into the break — a recurring chant of Can we believe in something else for once. I’m so sick in feeling everything. to take the song out. Like the image above, Fantasy Rainbow has produced an insanely colorful song, but there’s something inherently sad lurking just beneath the surface.

Watch for Fantasy Rainbow’s new single out on Heist or Hit on October 29. Listen/download the track and watch the new video below.

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