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Magic Jake and the Power Crystals: Feature

Magic Jake and the Power Crystals

If you light yourself on fire, you’re damn sure not going to sit around and relax. You’ll roll around on the ground instead, or maybe you’ll just round around in circles like a complete idiot. The need to get off your lazy ass will be unbearable. Listening to Magic Jake and the Power Crystals, in a manner of speaking, is very much like lighting yourself on fire.

For many songs on the band’s self-titled LP, there’s nothing slow about Magic Jake and the Power Crystals; there’s a sense of urgency to the music, immense volume and a bit of shouting. Roll around on the ground or run in circles, there’s no stopping it; primarily because you don’t want it to stop. It’s the good kind of burn.

Listening to this band, I am reminded to a minor extent of the first time I listened to Heavy Days by JEFF The Brotherhood. This is crude, tank-top-wearing, long and greasy hair sporting, late 70s/early 80s Firebird driving, gritty garage rock music.

I can just feel the disapproving eyes of my neighbors as I blast “Brains Of Rats” from my jet black ’79 El Camino as I tear up the hill with a roar (that four-barrel, 350 Chevy engine will do that when you put your foot down).

Magic Jake and the Power Crystals’ new self-titled LP is out now on Burger Records. What you get within these ten songs is raw, dirty and fun. And that’s precisely what makes it good.

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