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Owl Paws: Feature

Owl Paws

There’s a moment within “The Seed” where Owl Paws have a decreasing chromatic pattern vaguely reminiscent of “Paranoid Android” off Radiohead’s monumental release OK Computer. This is not something you’d expect to hear from a self-described orchestral folk-pop band. But there it is; a Radiohead reference.

Owl Paws is a quartet that hails from San Francisco and they’ve got a new EP out called Carry On. On it you can find “The Seed”, which blends the aforementioned sub-genre of folk with those of experimentation and pure dream pop.

From simplistic guitar strums paired with soft vocals to plush, fully orchestrated tracks filled with delightful intricacies, whichever path Owl Paws travels on Carry On the result is beauty.

Carry On follows Owl Paws’ self-titled debut EP. You grab both via their bandcamp page. Their new EP came out via Urban Scandal on August 31.

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