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Melody’s Echo Chamber: I Follow You (Video)

Melody's Echo Chamber

You could call Melody’s Echo Chamber the mash-up of Melody Prochet’s My Bee’s Garden and Tame Impala, because, in essence, it is. Pitchfork noted that Prochet approached TI’s Kevin Parker after a show and (blah blah blah) ultimately Melody’s Echo Chamber was born.

“I Follow You” is the opening track off her self-titled debut album under the Melody’s Echo Chamber moniker. It blends sonic psychedelic fuzz with superb production and dreamy songwriting. And the video accompanying the song fits the genre: bright colors filtered through water, overlapping footage including fish and wildlife.

You can find Melody’s Echo Chamber on Fat Possum Records. Watch opening track “I Follow You” above and “Crystallized” below.

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