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Vinca Minor: The Time Of You (MP3)

Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor is a Seattle artist Matt Menovcik, blending classical piano with electronic-influenced synth for a hugely surreal, utterly drowning sound. Within “The Time Of You”, off his new album Capital Of Sorrow, an intense piano soundscape is backed by heavy drone-like tones. The song is minimal but encompassing; a fully instrumental, soundtrack-like tune.

Capital of Sorrow was not only composed by Menovcik, he also created a short film to accompany the work (starring, of course, himself). So, as you can imagine, “The Time Of You” is highly cinematic. How does the rest of Capital of Sorrow stack up? Well, wereas “The Time Of You” is instrumental, in other songs there are vocals: a hint raspy, highly emotive and also very centered around film.

Vinca Minor’s new album is out on Second Shimmy November 6.

Download: Vinca Minor: The Time Of You

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