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Trails And Ways: Mtn Tune (Video)

Trails And Ways

I discovered Oakland band Trails And Ways back at the end of April, when I covered their song “Tereza”. Since then, the band has dominated my playlist, adding a tune a month. The latest to grace our ears is “Mtn Tune”, a track whose video features great retro-ish bicycles, rock climbing, and, as the Ian from the band notes, a concert on top of a 40-foot volcanic rock.

Like “Tereza” and the other tracks that came before (such as the phenomenal “Nunca” and a cover of Ghost Beach’s “Miracle”), this song is full-on dream pop. And like those tunes, Trails And Ways also has a penchant European pop and also blend in a hint of electro-pop. “Mtn Tune” is no exception; in fact, the playful guitars hint lightly of Craft Spells meet Club 8 circa The People’s Record.

Ian, who lends his talents on percussion to the band, goes on to state that the feel of the video is inspired by all the National Geographic nature documentaries from the late 80’s that we grew up on. You get a good sense of that with the washed out colors and retro-style camera footage.

Check out the video for “Mtn Tune” below and grab the track from Soundcloud while you’re at it!

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