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Fense’s Radio Show: August 10, 2012

Biking through Rexville, WA

I had Friday off and ended up spending most of the day sanding down cabinets. They came out looking great; a natural light pine distressed with a hint of dark stain peeping through. Ultimately they will get two light coats of matte brown followed by white paint and distressed lightly.

Yes. We are re-doing the kitchen.

And I still had time to take a nice 25 mile bike ride through the countryside (hence this post’s photo, taken just outside Rexville, WA).

After the cabinet distressing will come cabinet hardware, followed by new countertops, an old-fashioned sink with a new vintage faucet, and we’ll finish it off by laying down the rich, dark brown bamboo flooring we put throughout the rest of the house.

Such laborious work is perfect for a playlist. I threw the August 10 show together and gave it two listens while completing the day’s project. Favorites include new tracks by Darlings, Rory James and the Majestic, Wickerbird, Blonds and Pan.

Radio Playlist

“Move On” by Whispering Pines off Whispering Pines
“Gone” by Rory James and the Majestic off The Passage
“Evidence of Good Times” by Sweet Secrets off Color Force

“The Fold” by Wickerbird off The Crow Mother
“Iowa” by Western Affairs off 2000

“Laura” by Bat For Lashes off Laura (Single)
“Amen” by Blonds off The Bad Ones

“Gospel Kid” by Blonds off The Bad Ones
“Sleeping Ute” by Grizzly Bear off Shields
“Golden Friends” by Leopold And His Fiction off Golden Friends (Single)

“Blowing Kisses” by Exlovers off Moth
“Pet The Ghost” by Darlings off Pet The Ghost (Single)

“John From New York” by Pan off These Are The Things I Love, And I Want To Share Them With You

“27th Year” by Rory James And The Majestic off The Passage
“To Just Grow Away” by The Tallest Man On Earth off There’s No Leaving Now

“Bent Fiction” by Gabe Goodman off Midnight Sour EP
“Congo” by Bear Mountain off XO

“It’s Funny” by Careful off Because I Am Always Talking
“Motions” by King Of Spain off All I Did Was Tell Them The Truth And They Thought It Was Hell

“Nails And Wood” by The Wailing Wall off Hospital Blossoms EP
“The Crow Mother” by Wickerbird off The Crow Mother
“Albatross” by North Atlantic Drift off Canvas

“Bellingham Media Blackout” by Police Teeth off Police Teeth

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  1. Hi Andy, this is James from Indie Music Promotions in Vancouver. I had trouble finding a contact for you…not sure if that’s to ward off artists and promoters, but just in case I thought I’d ask if you accept independent music submissions.

    I’m quite fussy with my roster and am sure you’d find some gems. All the best!


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