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Fense’s Radio Show: July 27, 2012

I know it’s a little late, but yesterday’s project was to get some vegetables in the ground. I planted spinach, onions, oregano, and broccoli. The El Camino got a full load of three-way soil and I finally filled my raised garden bed. That’s why this post didn’t go live yesterday; that being said, my goal is to get last night’s playlist up tomorrow.

As these little On The Radio blurbs tend to include some personal information alongside music meanderings, I’ll be sure to keep you updated as to whether or not this late gardening experiment is a success.

Last week’s show was a fun one. I reintroduced myself to Destroyer, of whom I had not listened to in some time. In fact, I also headed over to The Business in Anacortes yesterday and finally picked up Kaputt on vinyl.

Of note below are a few current favorites: Hospitality, The Torn ACLs and Lightning Love, along with brand new tracks by The Mountain Goats, The Antlers and Letting Up Despite Great Faults.

“The Birthday” by Hospitality off Hospitality
“I Know” by Lightning Love off Blonde Album
“Painter In Your Pocket” by Destroyer off Destroyer’s Rubies

“4 AM” by White Violet off Hiding, Mingling
“Boxing Day” by Sondre Lerche off Phantom
“Cry For Judas” by The Mountain Goats off Transcendental Youth

“Give Me A Horse” by Lowpines off ePop024
“You’ll Never Surf Again” by Raymond Byron & the White Freighter off Little Death Shaker
“In The Sun” by The Low Bred Watts off Get Home

“Kaputt” by Destroyer off Kaputt
“Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” by Jane Eyre off Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

“Drift Dive” by The Antlers off Undersea

“Moody Motorcycle” by Human Highway off Moody Motorcycle
“Lick Your Wounds” by Lawrence Arabia off The Sparrow
“The Golden Age Of Dreams” by Birds & Batteries off Stray Light

“Visions” by Letting Up Despite Great Faults off Untogether
“Two Step” by Bear Mountain off XO
“Scattered Like Leaves” by Azure Ray off LBJ-176

“Can’t Go Back” by Soviet off Life Begins At Rewirement
“I’ve Been Waiting” by Brothertiger off I’ve Been Waiting
“The Drummer” by Niki & The Dove off Instinct

“My Love Won’t Wait” by Two Gallants off The Bloom And The Blight
“Clouds Below” by Poor Moon off Poor Moon
“You Kill” by Eternal Summers off Correct Behavior

“Mad” by The Torn ACLs off Real Risks

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