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Fense’s Radio Show: July 20, 2012

Anacortes Waterfront

Last weekend Andi and I visited Anacortes and walked around the dock, discussing our future as polo-shirt-wearing yacht owners and shopping for the ideal water home. Sure, this fantasy may never come to pass, and while I may find myself in a polo shirt now and again, that doesn’t mean the boat life is for me. Still, seeing middle-aged to retirees playing cards on the stern and barbecuing sure made the life seem relaxing.

Fitting, then, that the night before our Anacortes venture, I played a song off Pale Sunday’s new LP, The Fake Stories of You And Me. We often discuss such potential futures; they always surround a more simple lifestyle — a smaller house further out in the country, shacking up in a guest house on her parents’ property, giving in and building our 8′ x 20′ tiny house and letting the future come as it may…

These discussions remind me a bit of music; in a way, you can live vicariously through songs.

As usual, the bolded tracks link to downloads for sampling. The sole exception is Oh Osiris, which links to a free compilation of Seattle artists brought to you courtesy Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. It begins:

“Dead Joy” by Mandrax Icon off Mary Climbed The Ladder For The Sun
“Only As The Day Is Long” by Sera Cahoone off Only As The Day Is Long
“RyBro” by Helvetia off Nothing In Rambling

“Happy (When You Lived Here)” by Pale Sunday off The Fake Stories Of You And Me
“This Love Will Lead You On” by Exlovers off Moth
“Forgive And Forget” by I Was A King off Old Friends

“High Fantasy” by Lace Curtains off The Garden Of Joy And The Well Of Loneliness
“I’m Back” by The Blank Tapes off I’m Back (Single)
“Slow Days Fast Company” by Blonde Summer off Slow Daze

“Mary Climbed The Ladder For The Sun” by Mandrax Icon off Mary Climbed The Ladder For The Sun
“Naked” by Sera Cahoone off Deer Creek Canyon
“You Only Love Yourself” by Carrousel off 27 Rue de Mi’chelle

“House Shape” by Mount Eerie off Clear Moon
“Julie” by Hospitality off Hospitality
“Mad” by The Torn ACLs off Real Risks

“Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!” by White Blood Cells off Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!
“Sri Sai Flora” by The Sufis off The Sufis
“Homebody” by Deep Time off Deep Time

“She Owns The Streets” by The Raveonettes off Observator
“A Summer At Sea” by Oh Osiris off Homegrown
“Thank You” by Daymoths off Back In Time

“Crystal Tears” by The Bilinda Butchers off Goodbyes
“Miracle (Ghost Beach Cover)” by Trails And Ways off Miracle/Nunca Split
“A Great Design” by Black Marble off A Different Arrangement

“How Do I Maintain Part 3” by Shout Out Out Out Out off Spanish Moss And Total Loss
“No. 1 Against The Rush” by Liars off WIXIW

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