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Carrousel: Feature

Carrousel (band)

Carrousel is not a band you’d expect to hail from Tallahassee. That’s ludicrous. They sound like they should hail from Paris, Glasgow, or somewhere exotic. Why, you might ask?Carrousel’s music can be described as the thoughtful romantic marriage of dream-pop and orchestral folk.

This is not music to be taken lightly, no matter how light and playful it may sound. It has an astonishing depth, both musically and lyrically. You’ll hear this in songs like “You Only Love Yourself” and “14”; in fact, you’ll hear it throughout 27 Rue de Mi’chelle.

27 Rue de Mi’chelle is out now. Listen to “14” below and visit bandcamp to hear the full album.

Download: “14” by Carrousel

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