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The Sufis: Sri Sai Flora (Video)

The Sufis

My buddy Justin initially introduced me to “Sri Sai Flora” by The Sufis, calling the band’s self-titled LP on Ample Play Records one of the F*ck Yeah albums of the year. It only takes a single listen to The Sufis to know Justin is spot on in that statement. Along the same lines, the band’s “Sri Sai Flora” is a true psychedelic pop masterpiece.

The Sufis’ music can be likened to the garage-centric psych-pop of the 60s and 70s, full of instrumental variety — you’ll find plenty of Tamborines, Flutes, Clarinets, Farfisa Organs and even a Bansuri (whatever that might me). “Sri Sai Flora” received video treatment, featuring the band cast through an old-time sepia filter. It fits the band’s psychedelic meanderings.

Check out the “Sri Sai Flora” video and listen to “Wake Up” off The Sufis below, and I’m pretty sure your first thought will be F*ck Yeah as well.

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