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Lace Curtains: Feature

Lace Curtains

Harlem’s Hippies from 2010 was ultimately one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s garage rock/pop was all you want from the genre: gritty, grungy, crude, and entirely raw. Almost too a fault. It’s what made it so good. Well Lace Curtains is the new band of Michael Coomer, vocalist of Harlem.

“Bedroom Honesty” isn’t as raw and lo-fi of garage rock as you’ll find with Harlem, but it’s also quite a bit more subtle. It’s not nearly as grating and in-your-face, and it seems more harmonic than most of what you’ll find on Hippies. Prevoiusly, Lace Curtains released “High Fantasy” which very much follows suit. It borders the playfulness you’d expect from an indie pop band, which is great.

While Harlem hasn’t officially parted ways, it appears Coomer has taken Lace Curtains on as his primary project for now. Curtis of Harlem has also been working on a new project, Grape Street.

Check out both “High Fantasy” and “Bedroom Honesty” below, and keep an eye out for the band’s new LP, The Garden Of Joy And The Well Of Loneliness.

Download: “Bedroom Honesty” by Lace Curtains

Download: “High Fantasy” by Lace Curtains

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