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Suturee: A Breath MP3


Suturee returns with the duo’s now signature bedroom pop on “A Breath”, a newly released single off their forthcoming LP, Skim The Surface. The subtleties off the songs this band creates makes it the perfect title. “A Breath” pushes Suturee forward; harmonies are more in sync, instrumentation dreamier, the rises and wanes of volume more pronounced.

“A Breath” can be considered among the band’s finest works to date. It features a heftier drum beat without breaching the confines of the bedroom. Instruments, too, are more plush. A trumpet accompanies steadfast in the background, while the bass maintains forefront in the rhythm section. The guitar, while not an afterthought, isn’t as dominant as you’d expect.

That’s not to say their prior work was anything to scoff at; it certainly was not. “A Breath” is just a progression forward for Suturee, and a solid one at that. It makes Skim The Surface an album to anticipate highly.


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