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Fense’s Radio Show: June 1, 2012

On Air at KSVR and KSVU

Damn. The Bimmer done broke down. Once it warms up, it refuses to hold an idle. I did some research over at BMW 2002 FAQ and found that it could be one of a number of things: a faulty ignition coil, a fuel mixture issue, the carb needs tuning, the timing is off… the list goes on. So yesterday I took it to the shop to get a once-over. Hopefully the damage to my pocketbook won’t be too extensive.

The good news is that I have a new daily driver. It’s called my bike, and since the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride is coming up in just over a month, I’ve got some prepping to do!

For the late night show, however, it means driving Andi’s car, my old 2007 Nissan Versa. Pretty soon, that’ll be our rainy day/long trip/when needed emergency car. We’re going to pick up something fun and old for her too. We’re thinking a mid-70s Maverick or Comet.

Enough with cars. On with music. Here’s the setlist from last Friday night…

“Summer Dress” by A Lull off Meat Mountain
“Kimmi in a Rice Field (Spanish Prisoners x Twin Sister)” by Spanish Prisoners off Prior Art
“Nunca” by Trails And Ways off Trilingual

“Better” by Teen off In Limbo
“3/2/1” by The Toxic Avenger off Angst LP
“Torture” by Magic Trick off Ruler Of The Night

“Clips the Wings Of Birds” by Lioness off The Golden Killer
“Weekend In The Tropics” by Groundislava off TV Dream

“Gone” by Sea of Bees off Orangefarben
“Travelling Shoes” by Lawrence Arabia off The Sparrow
“A Game” by Ski Lodge off Ski Lodge EP

“Houses” by Katie Kate off Flatland
“Atticus, In The Desert” by Kishi Bashi off 151a
“Lazuli” by Beach House off Bloom

“Salvador Sanchez” by Little Silver off Dress Up
“Another Party” by Future Twin off Aleotoric Experiments
“This Summer I’ll Make It Up To You” by Caged Animals off This Summer EP

“Twentyfirst Century Eye” by Cavedweller off 2016 Pt II & III
“I Want Something” by Torches off Heads Full of Rust
“Gossip” by Starlight Girls off Starlight Girls EP

“Hammer” by The Peculiar Pretzelmen off Innumerable Seeds Mastered 1

“I Don’t Know Where I End” by Marble Vanity off Marble Vanity
“The Snow Falls” by Marble Vanity off Marble Vanity

“Make It Go Away” by The Zoltars off Should I Try Once More?
“Property Lines” by Dusted off Total Dust

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