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White Lung: Take The Mirror (Video)

White Lung

White Lung‘s loud, hyperactive punk is easy to get into. The guitar hooks match perfectly the female-fronted vocals of Mish Way, all backed by a hard-driving percussion. “Take The Mirror” is the opening track off their forthcoming sophomore LP, Sorry.

On the video their intense ferocity is put to film with blistering strobe lights and rapid-cut footage in black and white of the band performing the song at The Alf House. The lighting is minimal, adding to the angst inherent in the song.

“Take The Mirror” is a fast-paced punk song that hints at the seemingly underlying destructive nature of punk music (it’s arguable as to whether that nature truly exists, or if it’s more an expression), generating within it high energy infectious rhythms, melodies and trademark shouted vocals.

This is an easy one to love.

White Lung is poised to drop Sorry at the tail end of May via Derranged Records. Keep an eye out for the album at your local record store, or pre-order today from Deranged.

Download: “Take The Mirror” by White Lung
[audio:120518-white-lung-take-the-mirror.mp3|titles=Take The Mirror|artists=White Lung]

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