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Nat Baldwin: Weights (Video)

Nat Baldwin

An avid fan of eccentric jazz of avant garde nature, I was immediately drawn to Nat Baldwin‘s new LP, People Changes. As an upright bassist, Baldwin can be found pouring his soul into Dirty Projectors, a band that prides itself in obscure pop sensibilities. His solo stuff, however, is where he truly shines.

“Weights” is a recent video that blends Nat’s bizarre style of pop-meets-free jazz with an off-beat music video plot. A nostalgic horse hosting a garage sale? Sure. Why not!?

In the song, you hear traces of the free jazz spirit. A clarinet (or maybe it’s a bass clarinet) drops into a wild but subtle solo. Nat Baldwin himself, utilizes his voice in a non traditional way that makes his work entirely unique. There is nothing quite like this.

Sub titles portray the words characters speak, and the twist and the end left me laughing in delight. That’s what I find great about Baldwin’s work: it’s packed with emotion. The songs are filled with sadness and nostalgia, laughter and joy; and they all take place simultaneously.

Grab “Lifted” (currently my favorite from People Changes) and watch “Weights” below. Find People Changes on Western Vinyl.

Download: “Lifted” by Nat Baldwin
[audio:120509-nat-baldwin-lifted.mp3|titles=Lifted|artists=Nat Baldwin]

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