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Violens: All Night Low


I love it when music videos come with a warning. Be it the infamous (and slightly coveted) NSFW label, or, in the case of “All Night Low” by Violens, the Epileptic-inducing, flashing lights, strobe-effect warning. Whatever the warning may say, this is what I read: we’ve got something a little different for you, we’re taking things to a whole new level, and get ready for awesomeness.

“All Night Low” is the latest tune to surface from Violens’ new LP, True, out May 15 on Slumberland Records. The video is true black and white (screw gray-scale), showing the band performing in, as the warning notes, fast edits.

Violens’ music is hyper-paced and dark, hinting of Brit-pop and featuring a heavy dose of fuzz. You can hear this in “Der Microarc” (which you can grab below), “All Night Low”, and in my personal favorite “Unfolding Black Wings”.

Download: “Der Microarc” by Violens
[audio:120503-violens-der-microarc.mp3|titles=Der Microarc|artists=Violens]

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