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Belaire: This Could Take All Night


This is exciting! It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything whatsoever from Austin-based pop group Belaire. The crew is back with a new LP called Resonating Symphony and, if you ask me, it sounds pretty solid. “This Could Take All Night” is the first track to be released off the album and it bypasses much of what we heard off their debut full-length, reaching the epic levels of their self-titled debut EP (which, prior to this, was my personal favorite).

“This Could Take All Night” is packed with pop hooks, great vocals, excellent musicianship; all of it cohesive and tightly constructed into a brilliant track. It would seem the time Belaire took off after 2007’s Exploding Impacting has paid off, and done so brilliantly. “This Could Take All Night” is, quite easily, the best thing I’ve heard yet from Belaire.

As for the rest, I’ve had a fairly exclusive sneak peek and here’s what I have to say: it’s a bit different. A lot less upbeat, more bossa-nova, dreamy synth lines, but still super poppy. You should be right to get excited.

Indierect Records is behind this release as well, having given us both the band’s debut LP and a nice little Halloween-ish 7-inch from the band. The new album hits April 21 on both CD and vinyl formats.

Download: “This Could Take All Night” by Belaire
[audio:120407-belaire-this-could-take-all-night.mp3|titles=This Could Take All Night|artists=Belaire]

3 thoughts on “Belaire: This Could Take All Night”

  1. Less upbeat is totally fine when it is replaced by “more bossa nova” and more dreaminess!

    This song must have been a demo at some point, because I’ve heard it before. This fully fleshed-out version sounds just great though. I cannot wait for the full album! So glad Belaire is back.

    1. Sounds like you’re digging it as much as I am, Zach! Thanks for the note, and I’d have to agree re: your “more bossa nova” comment!


  2. Wow. I know this track to be call “Rich Money” a demo version was released of it as Cari Music. It’s Amazing, thank you for sharing.

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