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Helvetia | Camp Century Sessions | Album Review


Give any proper Helvetia release a listen, then throw on The Camp Century Sessions, and you’ll hear quite a difference. On The Lam, for example, is constructed and cohesive with songs fixated on at least some sort of structure. Here you get something else; there’s more volume, more experimentation, and perhaps even a hint more playfulness.

I thought On The Lam was great. I’ve been visiting with some old Duster albums of late; all are pretty solid. This, too, brings a smile to my face. It’s recognizable as Duster/Helvetia, but there are qualities that take songs like “Even Decklin” and “Death That Waits Is A Woman” in entirely new directions. And for that I am grateful.

Call it more psychedelic, more experimental. Or maybe lower-fi, and with more grit. However you look at it, it’s new stuff from a cherished yet under-appreciated group. And therefore it should be celebrated.

Helvetia released The Camp Century Sessions this week as a free B-Side compilation on their website. Though free, you can also give the band a hand by donating a few bucks.

Camp Century Sessions by Helvetia

[Digital LP, 2012]

1. Even Decklin
2. Stompbox
3. Death That Waits Is A Woman
4. Digging Your Coals
5. Footman Jams
6. Tardis Leak
7. S.I.A.
8. Into The Waters
9. Rope
10. Another Ice Age

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