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Beach House: Myth (Song Review)

Beach House

Teen Dream, Beach House‘s last LP, came in as my number 2 album of 2010. Within its cover are 10 songs, not a single one is weak. Beach House is back with Myth off their album Bloom and if this song is telltale for what we can expect, the new album could be a solid contender for 2012.

On “Myth”, Victoria Legrand’s voice is as sumptuous as is was on Beach House’s last LP, if not more so. And Alex Scally lends expert musicianship on par, but better than (if you can believe it), what we’ve heard in the past.

Sub Pop notes that Bloom is to “be experienced as an ALBUM” and if that is of greater emphasis than we heard on Teen Dream, we have yet to be truly blown away by this band.

See where Bloom ultimately landed on my Best Albums of 2012 list.

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