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Night Genes: Like The Blood [Album Review]

Night Genes

Originated in Boise by Eric Ingersoll, Night Genes channels the likes of Tom Waits and Nick Cave with deep baritone folk. Accompanied by a trusty acoustic guitar, the songs Night Genes creates are light and playful – a contrast to the meditative and contemplative vocals and lyrics of Ingersoll.

Thematically, Like The Blood ponders mortality and the quandary of the evolutionary progress of mankind; in other words, are we truly better off than the generations of past? In a way, it reminds me a bit of 2011’s Apocalypse by Bill Callahan.

Joined by keyboardist Amy Foote’s operatic vibrato on select tracks, there’s always an element of surprise and obscurity with Night Genes. You never quite know what to expect, and that’s half the fun of Like The Blood. Rounding out the trio is David MacFadden-Elliott on percussion and samples.

Look for the album on January 31.

Download: “Cyber Me” by Night Genes

Like The Blood by Night Genes

[CD, 2012]

1. I’d Rather Feel Small
2. Cyber Me
3. Woods Are Full Of Animals
4. Ornaments
5. Jesus Bugs
6. Soaring Through The Chromosomes
7. Letting Go Of A Moonbeam
8. Sweeper
9. Sunset Tulips
10. Life’s Not Too Short
11. Peel The Paint
12. Impression: Flood

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