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Whistle Peak [Feature]

Whistle Peak

In the layers between folk music and pop music lays a fantastical world where I often enjoy spending time. It is here I discover some of my favorite songs, bands and albums. Today’s band is a new find, and it comes from this mystical land of upbeat storytelling, catchy riffs and subtle hints of a country sound. Whistle Peak joins together experimental folk with electronic pop.

“Wings Won’t Behave” is a new track off their forthcoming LP, Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls out February 14 on Karate Body Records. The album is available digitally and on compact disc, though a rare 250 people will also enjoy a limited pressing on teal vinyl while supplies last.

“Wings Won’t Behave” blends synthesizers with acoustic guitars and lo-fi percussion on the instrument side, while vocals front the music with a peaceful, soft and dreamy coo. Head over to bandcamp to grab the song for a buck and hear the band’s self-titled release from 2008.

Whistle Peak, “Wings Won’t Behave” by karatebody

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