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Fense’s Radio Show: December 2, 2011

BMW 2002

As the days and nights get colder, and we enter full-fledged winter, it becomes more and more difficult to justify taking the BMW out. In the cold, it’s almost better to just walk. But I braved the chill and barely-working defrost on December 2, taking the car out for one last night show before the new year. It would be a good one, filled with dreamy music pretty much throughout.

Here’s the playlist. No follow-up coverage today, as I’m saving them for later this week; it’ll probably be another slow one here at FensePost as life seems to be taking over these days.

“Jungle” by Ganglians off Still Living
“Sugar” by Young Prisms off Young At Heart
“Posters” by Youth Lagoon off The Year of Hibernation

“Get To France” by Mogwai off Earth Division
“I Gaer” by Sigur Rós off Hvarf-Heim (Hvarf) [Disc 1]
“Always Awake” by Siskiyou

“Little Sister” by Grand Hallway off Winter Creatures

“Flight” by Solander off Passing Mt. Satu
“September” by Tvärvägen off SÃ¥nger frÃ¥n Tvärvägen

“Change of Heart” by El Perro Del Mar off Love Is Not Pop
“Love” by Daughter off The Wild Youth EP

“Beware” by Brontosaurus off Cold Comes to Claim
“Blank Page” by The Black Heart Procession off Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit

“Casual” by Here We Go Magic off Pigeons
“Plans” by Grizzly Bear off Yellow House

“No Voice Was Raised” by Castanets off First Light’s Freeze
“Here Comes The Summer” by The Fiery Furnaces off EP
“23” by Blonde Redhead off 23

“I’ll Drown” by Sóley off We Sink
“Fall Down Slow by Sin Fang off Summer Echoes

“Sea Gull” by DOOMSTAR! off New Years Single 2011

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