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The Lovely Sparrows: Tall Cedars Of Lebanon (Album Review)

The Lovely Sparrows have a way of putting together words and music that make the band one of today’s leading folk-rock and folk-pop artists. With Tall Cedars of Lebanon, the Sparrows continue the trend they began as early as their debut EP, Pulling Up Floors, Pouring On (New) Paint.

The musicianship remains just as tight and focused as was on Bury The Cynics. But Tall Cedars isn’t without its difference from the band’s prior work.

Where Tall Cedars stands out is in its heightened intricacy. Always one to tout ornate instrumentation, The Lovely Sparrows utilizes this ability in full force on their new EP.

Each song is best taken in with headphones or high-quality speakers. It’s the only way to truly capture the layered detail in “We Take Flight” or the beautiful harmonies in “National Monuments”.

Tall Cedars Of Lebanon may not be as pop-ridden as was found on songs from The Lovely Sparrows’ prior releases, but do not fret: there is not a weak song to be found within. And, better yet, this EP is vast in its beauty, elegant and educated in both instrumentation and vocal prowess, and a perfect compliment to an already impressive library of outstanding music.

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