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Fense’s Radio Show: October 28, 2011

I didn’t begin this show well. Stuarto had a pre-recorded spot and, given it was only my fourth show, I didn’t realize the little button up top where it said “iPod” needed to be on. This led to a little stumbling in the beginning on my part; I mumbled a few words then played several promos. After I realized the error of my ways (kudos to Stuarto), the show went off without a hitch. And it was a good one.

Lots of great tunes, many from Sweden, most with an electronic vibe. I launched into everything with a few songs that I dubbed as “haunting.” Here we go.

“Silent Shout” by The Knife off Silent Shout
“Concrete Walls” by Fever Ray off Fever Ray

“The Dwarf and the Horse” by Sleep Party People off Regnsky
“Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)” by When Saints Go Machine of Fail Forever
“Running Out Of You” by Keep Shelly in Athens off In Love With Dusk EP

“Cannons” by Youth Lagoon off The Year of Hibernation
“Black Hills” by Gardens & Villa off Gardens & Villa
“Arena” by Suuns off Zeroes QC
“Moon Child” by M83 off Before The Dawn Heals Us

“Unessa” by Regina off Soita Mulle
“Bad Street” by Twin Sister off In Heaven
“You And I” by Washed Out off Within And Without

“Round The Moon” by Summer Camp off Young
“Show Me Your Plans (Le Sport Remix)” by Unarmed Enemies off Show Me Your Plans
“Forget Me Not” by Thieves Like Us off Immersed In Waves

“Castles In The Snow” by Twin Shadows off Forget
“It’s Not The End Of The World” by Le Sport off It’s Not The End Of The World
“Come Rain, Come Sunshine” by Pallers off Come Rain, Come Sunshine

“Give You Everything” by Blackbird Blackbird off Give You Everything (7-inch)
“Mouth Cancer” by Daycare
“Heart” by The Legends off Facts And Figures
“In The Water” by Beat Connection off Surf Noir

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