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Orca Team: Take My Hand EP (Album Review)

Orca Team is Seattle’s answer to twee-ish post-punk beach pop, and they prove it with their new HHBTM Records 7-inch single. Title track “Take My Hand” is packed with a 60s-pop bass, a jangly guitar, reverb-soaked vocals, and hefty stomping drums with plenty of cymbal rides.

This limited press single (of only 500) features three surf-worthy pop songs that hint of 60s era garage pop bands. “Me & My Lonesome” and “Fight Song” round out the trio of tracks, both offering up just as many vocal hooks and catchy riffs as the title track.

If you enjoyed previous Orca Team releases, including the recent Vancouver B.C. 7-inch (“Take My Hand” had an appearance on that EP as well), this is an easy favorite to add to the mix. In fact, these three may be among Orca Team’s top tracks yet.

Listen: “Take My Hand” by Orca Team
[audio:111013-orca-team-take-my-hand.mp3|titles=Take My Hand|artists=Orca Team]

HHBTM Records [7-inch Single, 2011]

1. Take My Hand
2. Me & My Lonesome
3. Fight Song

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