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Crystal Antlers: Summer Solstice (Video)


The beginning of “Summer Solstice”, off Crystal Antlers‘ forthcoming LP Two Way Mirror, has a few traits common with their previous Tentacles LP and self-titled EP. It has that same style of vocals that are at one moment stretched and pained, and the next calmed and elated. But it’s missing the prodigal chaos in the instrumentation that was so profound in that early work. No worries; this band still knows how to melt your face.

Crystal Antlers have a new video for “Summer Solstice” and it lays down some wicked feedback subtly behind a pleasant opening melody. Here we hear a bit more of the experimental noise common in the band’s early work, though it still seems a bit tame in comparison to epics like “Until the Sun Dies” and “Parting Song for the Torn Sky”.

I’ve noticed a lot of videos overlapping footage this year, and “Summer Solstice” is no exception. It fits here, though, as it adds to both storyline and Crystal Antlers’ beloved style of restrained chaos.

Download: “Two-Way Mirror” by Crystal Antlers
[audio:110629-crystal-antlers-two-way-mirror.mp3|titles=Two-Way Mirror|artists=Crystal Antlers]

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