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Avi Buffalo: How Come (MP3)


Avi Buffalo‘s self-titled debut earned the title of being my favorite album of 2010. So it’s with great delight that I announce to you the release of new material from the band, that being a single called “How Come”, due out on Sub Pop on June 28.

The song differs a bit from Avi Buffalo. It features soft, airy vocals from the lead singer and an emphasis on dreamy organ riffs. As always, the signatures remain: highly complex songwriting backed by equally skilled musicianship. This young band is stunning, not because of their age but because of their sheer ability to stun musically.

Listen to “How Come” below and grab it while it’s available for a limited time here and head over to Sub Pop for the preorder.

Listen: “How Come” by Avi Buffalo
[audio:110617-avi-buffalo-how-come.mp3|titles=How Come|artists=Avi Buffalo]

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